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  anti terror [ANT]   public audio database of civil liberty infringements and other antiterror events    
sparrow report [SPR] bi-atlantic audio database reports sparrow population crash    
feral robot [FRE] engineered for semi-autonomous deployment
bit cab [CAB] bureau inserts geospecific data directly into taxi display units
fade to black [FTB] slow pollutant detector cam
bit rocket [RKT] toy crowd invigilator, documents crowd formations, occupations and numerics at critical public gatherings
bit radio [RTX] bit radio overcasting service delivers autopirate news
bangbang [BBN] webcam network triggered on gunshot & other events of interest
bit plane [AER] video-instrumented miniature spy plane, released over the silicon valley to capture aerial portrait of the information age
suicide box [SBX] vertical-motion triggered camera unit installed in range of the golden gate bridge
bit economic
indicators [BEI]
updated to social dynamics  
bureau of inverse technology [bit] organisational statement