BIT antiterror line
lines are open
USA 1 212 998 3394
press 1 for antiterror

BIT ENGINEERS REPORT: The Antiterror line installed New York New York from March 2002. This service enables any phone to act as a networked microphone for collecting live audio data on civil liberty infringements and other anti-terror events.


You call in and leave a message. Message may be spoken report or in-progress recording of an anti-terror attack. UPHONE uplinks your audio recording direct to the BIT online terror database. An audio accumulation of micro- incidents which individually may be inactionable but en masse could provide evidence for a definitive response.

The bit UPHONE is a distributed, publicly readwriteable newsnetwork designed to withstand the militarisation of your government/the martial takeover of your regular broadcast networks. System facilitates information collection under conditions that cannot be accurately predicted / for which you may be unprepared, for example when an antiterror event occurs you may be away from your Desk. The resultant audio files are held in an open database and can be monitored, syndicated or remixed for your purposes. Bureau will provide a full report and system maintenance.