kate at irational.org

Kate Rich is a trade artist and feral economist, born in Australia and
living in Bristol UK. She is co-founder of the Bureau of Inverse
Technology (BIT), an international agency producing an array of critical
information products including economic and ecologic indices, event-
triggered webcam networks and animal operated emergency broadcast devices.
Since 2003 she has run Feral Trade, a long-range economic experiment and 
underground freight network, utilising the spare carrying capacity of the 
art world for the transportation of groceries. Kate is volunteer finance 
manager at Bristol's artist-run Cube Microplex, system administrator 
for the Irational.org art-server collective, satellite member of the FoAM 
network of transdisciplinary labs and land-based member of the Sail Cargo 
Alliance. Her ongoing preoccupation is to move deeper into the infrastructure 
of trade, administration, organisation and economy, in and beyond the cultural 
realm. She is currently establishing the curriculum for the Feral MBA, a radically 
different kind of training course in business for artists and others.

Teaching, presentations and panels
Collaborative associations, residencies
Exhibitions, commissions, screenings, prize
Sporting achievements
Video, audio and writing
Projects History

Projects Current
2020-present the Feral MBA, a radicaly different kind of training course in business for artists and others, UK 
2020-present Feral Livelihood Coaching Collective, UK/Italy/Slovenia
2019 RADMIN a Festival of Administration, Cube Microplex, Bristol UK
2018-present INSTITUTE FOR EXPERIMENTS WITH BUSINESS (Ibex) establishing an experimental business within the FoAM network of interdisciplinary labs, UK/Belgium/Estonia/Australia
2017-2018    FERAL BUSINESS RESEARCH NETWORK exploring the proposition of business as a medium of artistic enquiry, UK/Italy
2012-present IRATIONAL.ORG art server collective, member and system administrator, UK/International   
2011-2016    CREATIVE ACCOUNTING intensive study of conventional economics with the view to deploying alternatives as an artform, UK.
2011-present CUBE CINEMA FREEHOLD http://cubecinema.com/freehold securing the Cube Cinema land and buildings within a Community Land Trust, Bristol UK
2003-present FERAL TRADE http://feraltrade.org trading goods over social networks, International
2003-present CUBE COLA http://cube-cola.org self-determined softdrink, UK
2003-2010    SPORT-ART UK/International
2003-2010    SOCIAL CLIMBING UK/International
2005-2008    HOUSES OF BENEFIT http://feraltrade.org/houses/about_houses.html a set of treaties for hospitality, conviviality and survival in the cultural realm. UK
2001-present CUBE MICROPLEX http://cubecinema.com bar manager / driver / server administrator / accounts / finance / hire manager at artist-run cinema Bristol UK
1992-2003    BUREAU OF INVERSE TECHNOLOGY (B.I.T) http://bureauit.org reporter, radioengineer. International

Teaching, presentations & panels

2024  Feral MBA at FLOAT, Lakes Entrance/Lake Tyers, Australia
2024  RADMIN - In Your Llivelihood, Bristol, UK
2023  Unlearning business Digital Flow/s, Bristol, UK
2023  Community Economies in Practice, Vallagarina Valley, Italy 
2023  Feral Business Training Camp, Momentum 12: Together as to Gather, Moss, Norway
2023  Business for artists Unfreeze your Brain Hochschule Alanus, Bonn, Germany 
2023  Artist talk: Feral Business, 20 Summers Provincetown, USA 
2023  Feral MBA at FLOAT, Lakes Entrance/Lake Tyers, Australia
2022  Feral business consultancy for lumbung kios working group, documenta fifteen, Kassel Germany
2021  Feral tools Open tools for collective organising, Hackers & Designers, Amsterdam Nl
2021  FERAL TRADE: A GLOBAL TRADE OF GOODS BY HAND MPavilion, Melbourne Australia
2021  By Design or By Disaster, Free University of Bozen-Bolzano, Bolzano Italy
2021  Feral business advice workshop CAMP Plymouth UK
2021  Interdependent mentor Unidee Groundwork for Embedded Arts Practice Residency, Cittadellarte, Italy
2021  RADMIN - A Reduction, North Devon and online, UK
2020  Feral Business Coaching  Making Matters symposium, Het Nieuwe Instituut, Rotterdam NL
2020  Feral Livelihood Coaching Collective CERN Liviana Conference, International
2020  Feral MBA Succession, 37 Looe Street Plymouth UK
2020  Economythologies, Moneylab, Canberra/Hobart Australia
2020  Feral MBA in Conversation, Studio Giblin, Hobart Australia
2020  Conversation in solidarity modes of collaboration, ACElab, Bolzano Italy
2020  Feral Coaching Training UK, Italy, Slovenia
2020  What can artists do for business? Creative Art Forum, University of Tasmania, Hobart Australia
2020  The Thorny Question of Artists and Economy: A Conversation Piece. Mona, Hobart Australia 
2020  Feral MBA - Inception, Various venues, Hobart Australia
2020  Beyond Business as Usual Institure for Culture and Society, Western Sydney University, Australia
2019  How can we do business? The Art B&B Experiment Art Bed and Breakfast, Blackpool UK
2019  Today is Our Tomorrow, Publics, Helsinki Finland
2019  Feral Business Coaching Training, La Foresta Accademia di Comunita, Rovereto Italy
2019  Economics for Ecosystems, Apass, Brussels Belgium 
2019  Feral Business workshop, Knowle West Media Centre, Bristol UK
2019  RADMIN a Festival of Administration, Cube Microplex, Bristol UK
2018  Black Box Business, V2, Rotterdam NL 
2018  Feral Trade at KIN / CANCELLED Arnolfini, Bristol UK
2018  Unlearning Futures CASCO Assembly Elephants in the Room: Assembly for commoning art institutions. Utrecht, Netherlands 
2018  A Day without Devon Cultivator Conference 2018, Fall Seven Times, Stand Up Eight: The Art of Resilience; How To Overcome The Unexpected And Thrive, Eden Project, St Austell, UK 
2018  Crafting Admin, Performing Bureaucracy at Urbanize, Berlin Germany
2018  Feral Business Research Network workshop II Brave New Alps, Rovereto, Italy
2018  Summer Conference: Reinventing Organisations, Bluefactory, Fribourg Switzerland
2018  BAD cola workshop, Molecular Fizz Summer Camp, Company Drinks, Barking UK  
2018  Feral Business workshop, Pervasive Media Studio, Bristol UK
2018  Creativity, Knowledge, Cities, Digital Cultures Research Centre, Bristol UK
2018  Feral Business Research Network workshop I, Centre for Plausible Economies, Barking UK
2018  Economics for Artists at the Newbridge Project, Newcastle UK
2018  Art and Regulation roundtable, University of Bristol, UK
2018  Feral Incursions, Central European University, Budapest Hungary 
2018  Economics Disrupted at Cafe Disruptif, Redruth UK
2018  Why Work? at Sint Lucas school of art Antwerpen, Belgium
2018  Critical Administration: Shaking down the entrepreneur Five day workshop at Apass, Brussels Belgium
2017  Post-apocalyptic traders workshop at The Clearing, Compton Verney, UK
2017  BAD cola workshops for Company Drinks, Barking and Dagenham UK
2017  Co-Cola. Open source cola skills transfer workshop with  Brave New Alps, Rovereto, Italy
2017  Fire or Fail. Stone-age skills attainment workshop with Brave New Alps, Commun'orto, Rovereto, Italy
2017  Administrart, two-day administrator-only workshop on administration, Apass, Brussels Belgium
2016  The Artist Commoner, Kaaistudios, Brussels Belgium 
2016  Economy, an Introduction One day artist workshop and economics performance, Brussels Belgium
2016  Mentoring Art Commons, Apass post-masters research programme, Brussels Belgium
2016  Visiting Lecture, Art and Politics, Goldsmiths University, London UK
2016  Feral Trade at Exchange Cafe´ Aarhus Denmark
2016  Feral Trade talk in Yet Another Way of Sharing the Pie: An Afternoon with Alternative Economies, Musuem of Modern Art in Warsaw, Warsaw Poland
2016  Feral Trade talk at  College of the Atlantic, Bar Harbor, Maine USA
2016  Feral Trade talk at Space Gallery, Portland Maine USA
2016  Transmediale, Berlin Germany
2016  V&A Friday Late, London UK
2015-18  Senior Lecturer, Creative Media Design, University of West England, Bristol UK
2015  Cube-Cola lab Floating Cinema, Bristol UK
2015  Cube-Cola spring workshops for Company: Movements, Drinks, Deals, London UK
2015  Feral Trade talk at inaugural meeting of the Sail Cargo Alliance, Penryn, Uk 
2015-17  Home Economics, peer-education salon, Bristol UK
2015  Zega-Cola, cola production workshop for rebel village artesan cola startup in Zegache Village, Oaxaca Mexico
2014  Lean Times Penryn, UK
2014  Brighton Mini Makers Faire, Brighton UK
2014  Cube-Cola summer drinks workshops for Company: Movements, Drinks, Deals, London UK
2014  Trade Show at R-Urban. Paris France 
2014  Feral Trade Café Eastside Projects Birmingham UK
2013  Camp Zero One, Polruan, UK
2013  Cube-Cola Assembly at Vooruit, Ghent Belgium
2013  In the Making of Things Hospitalfield House, Arbroath UK
2012  Feral Trade Mexico at Microcosm, Cube Cinema Bristol
2012  Cube-Cola lab at Hackmitin, Puebla Mexico
2012  Cube-Cola at Brighton Mini Makers Faire 2012, Brighton UK
2102  Creating Continuity in the Fragmented, Open House, Brussels Belgium
2012  Value, Measurement and Sustainability, Common Practice working symposium, London UK
2012  System Error: in times of crisis, artists take a stand  Springcamp, timelab, Ghent Belgium
2012  Contemporary Art Society Annual Conference, Shifting Institutional Models in These Times of Uncertain Economies, Colchester UK
2012  Feral Trade at reSource programme, Transmediale, Berlin Germany
2011  Cube-Cola at Piksel Festival, Bergen Norway
2011  Aldgate Project guided walk for Publica and London Metropolitan University, London UK
2011  Feral Trade at Retail 21C phase III, Mildred's Lane Pennsylvania USA
2011  Bureau of Inverse Technology at Savannah College of Art and Design, Atlanta USA
2011  FARMACY, Environmental Health Clinic, New York University, New York USA
2011  School of Art and Media, Plymouth University, Plymouth UK
2010  Geographies of Material Culture, University of Exeter, Exeter UK
2010  Art School Alternatives Corridor 8 Symposium, John Moores University, Liverpool UK
2010  How I Became a Grocer, talk and dinner, Castlefield Gallery, Manchester UK
2010  Dematerial Art and Commerce, Arnolfini Bristol UK
2010  Tracing Mobility Symposium, Nottingham Contemporary, Nottingham UK
2010  Planetary Breakdown, Baltic, Gateshead UK
2010  The Price and Value of Cultural Work, Transmediale, Berlin DE
2010  Feral Trade Cafe, AV Festival, Newcastle UK
2009  Feral Trade Pre-Xmas Shopping Run C Words: Carbon, Climate, Capital, Culture Arnolfini, Bristol UK
2009  Retail 21C summer workshop, Mildred's Lane Pennsylvania USA
2009  Feral Trade Tea at Dalston Mill as part of Radical Nature, Barbican, London UK
2009  RANE Research in Art Nature & Environment, University College Falmouth, Cornwall UK
2009  Studio for Urban Projects, San Francsico USA
2009  California College of the Arts, San Francisco USA
2009  Feral Trade at Western Front, Vancouver, Canada
2009  Recipes for Disaster, Banff Centre, Canada
2007-9 Peer advisor on Liminal Screen co-production residency, Banff New Media Institute, Banff Centre, Canada
2009  Efficient See! Art Center College of Design, Pasadena, Los Angeles USA
2008  Recipes for Disaster Dinner presentation at Open Kitchens FoAM Brussels, Belgium
2008  free Linux workshop at Gasworks, London UK
2008  Feral Trade coffee and cake stall at Sea Scout hut for Venn Festival Bristol, UK
2008  Britto Arts Trust, Dhaka, Bangladesh
2007  The Exchange, Penzance UK
2007  Art Movement, a Port City Seminar, Severn Beach railway, Bristol to Severn Beach UK 
2007  Cube Tour, a Port City Seminar, Cube Microplex, Bristol UK
2007  Port City Symposium, Arnolfini, Bristol UK
2007  Things to Come panel, Offload Festival, Spike Island, Bristol UK
2007  Disrupting Narratives symposium, Tate Modern, London UK
2007  Life in the UK performance at Shamabla Festival, UK
2007  Cube-Cola In Society, mini-presentation, Isis Arts, Newcastle UK
2007  Cube Cola Demo, The 78 bar, Irational.org activity weekend, Glasgow UK
2007  Sport Art Seminar, Irational.org - Tools, Techniques and Events 1996-2006, Centre for Contemporary Art (CCA), Glasgow UK
2007  Cube Cola theory and practice Bristol Dorkbot, Cube Microplex, Bristol UK
2007  Life in the UK, Spike Island Open Studios, Bristol UK
2007  iRES research salon, Falmouth College, Falmouth UK
2007  Feral Trade sales pitch, Arts Council Southwest staff meeting, Exeter UK
2007  Alternative Tranportation, NYU, New York USA
2007  Conversation on International Trade at Lui Velazquez, Tijuana Mexico
2006  No Way Back, RSA Art and Ecology at London School of Economics, London UK
2006  Cola lab at None of the Above, Recyclart Brussels, Belgium
2006  Ecole superieure des Beaux-Arts de Geneve, Geneva Switzerland
2006  Cube-Cola service at Radical Cola Challenge, Project Placement, Analix Forever Gallery, Geneva Switzerland
2006  To Copy or Not to Copy CPH:DOX, Copenhagen Denmark
2006  Cube-Cola service at Constant Printing Party, Brussels, Belgium
2006  Feral Trade coffee service at Public Smog breakfast, Peer Gallery London UK
2006  Feral Trade vital provisions at Peak Oil Olympics, Bristol Avon Gorge, UK
2006  Cube-Cola service at Class of the New booklaunch, Mute Magazine London UK
2006  Feral Trade Sweets from Iran at MAP Media Art Projects, Brussels, Belgium
2006  Casino Luxembourg, Luxembourg, Luxembourg.
2006  Feral Trade fortnight at Access Space, Sheffield UK
2006  Cube-Cola workshop at USERLAND/Openmute tour, Cube Cinema Bristol UK 
2006  Designing Life, AV06 Festival Symposium, Teesside University UK
2006  Fiesta of Tough Choices, IASPIS Sweden
2005  Oracle Seminar, Brussels BE
2005  Blackout, Ashton Court Festival, Bristol UK
2005  Palais de Tokyo, Paris FR
2005  Plug58, Venn Festival Bristol UK
2005  Feral Trade Talks: kuda.org Novi Sad, Serbia; kf Arad Romania; Redhouse Sofia Bulgaria
2005  Schoener war es wenn es schoener war, Schau Schauspielhaus Frankfurt DE
2004  Autonomous Trajectories, RIXC Riga Latvia
2004  Victoria University, Melbourne AU
2004  Challenging Relationships Spike Island Bristol UK
2004  C-level, Los Angeles US
2004  ISEA 2004, Tallinn Estonia
2004  Digital Art Lab, Holon Israel
2004  Conspiracy, Buitenland, Schiphol NL
2004  Impakt, Utrecht NL
2003  Software art jury member, Transmediale festival, Berlin Germany
2004  Piet Zwart Institute Media Design, Rotterdam NL 
2003  Maf media art farm, CCCD, Tbilisi GE
2003  Borderphonics, Paris FR
2003  N5M Tactical Tool Builders Fair, Amsterdam NL
2003  Tour de Fence, Berlin
2003  Volksbuhne Berlin DE
2002-3 Politics of Information, Dartington College of Arts, Devon UK
2003  Infrastructures of Digital Design Cnference, University of San Diego, US
2003  Digital Art in Public Space, Stanford University, Palo Alto US
2002  d-i-n-a, Campobasso Italy
2002  Surveillance & Control, Tate Modern, London UK
2002  Appalachian College, Boone US
2002  University of North Carolina Charlotte, US
2002  Hybrid Discourses, Plymouth University, UK
2002  Index Gallery, Stockholm Sweden
2002  Tryon Center, Charlotte US
2001  Nomads & Residents, Los Angeles US
2001  UCLA, Los Angeles US
2000  Parallax View, Austin US
2000  Liquid Hacking, Nurnberg DE 
2000  Net Congestion, Amsterdam NL 
2000  Transit Zero, Lepieja Latvia
2000  Critical Images, Lux Gallery, London UK
2000  De Geuzen: Situating Technologies, Amsterdam NL
2000  Lux Gallery, London UK
2000  Photography and Visual Arts Dept, University of Northumbria, Newcastle UK
2000  Sunderland University Fine Art Dept, Sunderland UK
2000  Duncan of Jordanston School of Art, Dundee UK 
1999  Next 5 Minute 3, Amsterdam NL
1998  ISEA98,  Manchester UK
1998  University of California , San Diego US
1998  Polar Circuit II, Tornio Finland
1997  Hybrid Workspace, Documenta X, Kassel DE
1997  film+arc Graz, Austria
1997  Taos Talking Picture Festival, New Mexico US
1996  Blasthaus Gallery,  San Francisco US
1995  ISEA 95, Montreal Canada
1994  National Gallery of Victoria,  Melbourne AU 

Residencies & Collaborative associations

2023 20 Summers artist residency, Provincetown, USA
2020-present Community Economies Institute
2020-present Feral Livelihood Coaching Collective, UK/Italy/Slovenia
2017-2019 Creative Economies Group, Digital Cultures Research Centre, Bristol UK 
2016-present Community Economies Research Network (CERN) Network of artists and researchers theorising new and diverse visions of economy. International
2015-present Sail Cargo Alliance Loose coalition of ships, brokers and cargo-owners aiming to reinvent the art of cargo on traditional sailing ships, International
2015 Micro residencyfor Politics of Food II Delfina Foundation London, UK
2014 Creative Accounting 3 week residency at Access Space, Sheffield UK
2014 Kunstallmend/Transnational Art Commons Collective occupation at Dampfzentrale, Bern Biennial, Switzerland
2013 Camp Zero One, Polruan, UK
2013 Cube Cinema Freehold http://cubecinema.com/freehold Buying the Cube Cinema, a 1000 person collaboration Bristol UK
2012-present Irational.org Art server collective, International
2012 Research residency with Euroaxaca Oaxaca Mexico
2010 Haiti Kids Kino Project, Cube Cinema, Bristol UK
2009 Tea & Coffee service at Reading the IPCC Fourth Assessment Report on Climate Change / A Collaborative Public Reading at Futuresonic, Manchester UK
2008 Research residency on Sustained Sustenance at HTTP London, UK
2008 Triangle residency  at Britto Arts Trust, Dhaka, Bangladesh
2007 Open Sauces, FoAM, Brussels Belgium
2007 Cube-Cola In Society miniresidency, Isis Arts, Newcastle UK
2007 Spike Associates Space, Spike Island, Bristol UK
2007 Lui Velazquez, Tijuana Mexico
2006 International Symposium on Sport Art, Cala D'Or, Majorca
2005 Risk Academy, Glasgow UK
2005 ITTACA Seminars, trans-European reisdency programme Lampedusa, Istanbul, Helsinki
2004 Unionising Workshop, Flaxmanlodge, London UK
2004 Research Fellowship, Piet Zwart Institute Media Design, Rotterdam NL
2003 Cube R&D, Bristol UK
2003 Collective Manouvers, Bristol UK
2003 Crashcourse / Meinebank, Berlin DE
2003 Self-Organising Culture at Redundant Technology Initiative, Sheffield UK
2003 Locative Medialab, Karosta Latvia
2003 DASH, Weimar Germany
2003 Sounds Tactical / Pool Project, Berlin Germany
2002 Hub Project, Florence Italy 
2002 Tryon Center for Visual Art, Charlotte US
2001-3 Cube Cinema, Bristol UK
2000 Liquid Hacking, Nurnberg DE 
1999-00 Arc Centre, Stockton-on-Tees UK
1998 Revolting, Manchester UK 
1998 Radio Aura, Online
1998 Polar Circuit II,  Tornio, Finland
1997 Hybrid Workspace ,Documenta X, Kassel Germany
1995-6 Artists Television Access, San Francisco US

Exhibitions / Commissions / Screenings / Prize

2022 future lutruwita Schoolhouse gallery, Hobart, Australia
2021 In Your Hands, Newlyn Gallery, Newlyn UK
2017 Rhizome Net Art Anthology, New York, USA
2016 Making Use: Life in Postartistic Times, Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw, Warsaw Poland
2016 Electronic Superhighway, Whitechapel Gallery, London UK
2016 xHIBITION, Cummings Art Center, Connecticut College, New London USA
2015 Access Cultures Electroniques Pau, France
2015 Feral Trade Outpost  Display Distribute Hong Kong, China
2014 Coded After Lovelace, Hannah MacClure Centre, Dundee UK
2014 Creative Accounting at Access Space, Sheffield UK
2014 Reality Check Udine, Italy
2014 Feral Trade Café in Kunstallmend at Dampfzentrale, Bern Biennial, Switzerland
2014  Trade Show at R-Urban. Paris France 
2013 Trade Show at Eastside Projects, Birmingham, UK
2013 Media-archaeology of the Irational.org server disk, Leuphana University, Luneburg, Germany
2013 Cube-Cola Trading Post at Brighton Digital Festival, Brighton UK
2013 Here Come the Drones, Furtherfield Gallery, London UK
2013 Exchange Café MoMA, New York USA
2012 World Portable Gallery Convention ups sticks and moves for 1 night only to WWTWO Gallery, Montreal Canada
2012 Feral Trade Café World Portable Gallery Convention, Eyelevel Gallery, Halifax Canada
2012 Cube Cola Assembly Line in Hack the City, Science Gallery Dublin, IR
2012 To be is to be perceived Lux Artists' Moving Image online exhibition, London UK
2012 From the Wonderful World to the Raft of Medusa, STUK Leuven Belgium
2012 Dark Drives. Uneasy Energies in Technological Times, Transmediale, Berlin Germany
2011 Hauntings, Kunstverein Medienturm, Graz Austria
2011 Feral Trade Café at FORAGE, Boiling Wells, Bristol UK
2011 Feral Trade Café at Collective Gallery Edinburgh, Scotland
2011 Beyond Surveillance, Brighton, Bracknell, Portsmouth, Hastings UK
2010 Biodivercity, Embassy of Australia, Washington DC, USA
2010 Mortality, Australian Centre for Contemporary Art, Melbourne Australia
2010 Bureau of Inverse Technology, Connected Environments, Neuberger Musuem, New York USA
2010 Wealth of Nations, Spike Island, Bristol UK
2010-11 Exposed: Voyeurism, Surveillance and the Camera Tate Modern, San Francisco MoMA and Walker Art Centre, UK/USA
2010 Feral Trade Café at Castlefield Gallery, Manchester
2010 Feral Trade Café While Stocks Last at AV Festival, Newcastle UK
2010 Feral coffee stand at Free Culture Incubator, Transmediale, Berlin DE
2010 Suspended Spaces, Amiens France
2009 Agency for Small Claims bulletin board display, Bureau for Open Culture, Columbus College of Art & Design, Ohio USA
2009 Feral Trade Café & Product Retrospective at HTTP Gallery, London UK
2009 Wealth of Nations, Novi Sad Serbia 
2009 Sustainable Art awards,Bash Creations, London UK
2009 Bureau of Inverse Technology Antiterror Line NL in Green Revolution, Nieuwe Vide, Haarlm NL
2009 Net Art Relay, Enter Action - Digital Art Now, ARoS Kunstmuseum, Aarhus, Denmark
2009 Nomadic Picnic prepared and served at Burning Ice festival, Kaaitheater, Brussels Belgium
2008 Feral Hamper Hamper (mulitple of 20), Raffle and Tea Service at Open Kitchens FoAM Brussels, Belgium
2008 Trade research commissioned by General Public Agency for Whitechapel Gallery's The Street project, London UK
2008 Room Selfservice group catering, room 2216 at the Banff Centre, Canada
2008 Feral Trade Research commissioned by foam, Brussels, Belgium
2007 Grand prize netarts.org 2007 Machida City Museum of Graphic Arts, Tokyo Japan
2007 Port City Uphone, Port City Exhibition, Arnolfini, Bristol UK
2007 Offload, Systems for Survival, Spike Island, Bristol UK
2007 Cube-Cola All Spirits Night Party, Cube Microplex, Bristol UK
2007 Coffee stall at Surasi Kusolwong's 1 Pound Open-Air Market, the Exchange, Penzance UK
2007 Slow, Plymouth Arts Centre, UK
2006 Feral Trade Southwest, Bristol, Exeter, Redruth, Newlyn and St Ives, UK 
2006 Art & Activism, Mejan Labs, Stockhom Sweden
2006 Body Shop Hermeneutics, Cabaret Voltaire Zurich Switzerland
2006 Whitney Biennial, New York USA
2006 VIPER International Festival, Basel Switzerland
2005 Rencontres Internationales Paris/Berlin, FR 
2005 Cine y casi cine 2005, Museum Reina Sofia Madrid, Spain
2005 Independent Heroines Film Festival (Touring) Cornerhouse Manchester, UK
2005 Feral Trade Database, Lo-fi Commission, Stills Gallery, Edinburgh UK
2005 Politiqu-Fiction, Centre Pompidou, Paris FR
2005 Feral Trade Sweets from Iran, UK-Iran
2005 RISK Centre for Contemporary Art, Glasgow UK
2005 Crossing Time Live Art festival, Dartington UK
2005 IFFR International Film Festival, Rotterdam NL
2004 ISEA 2004, Tallinn Estonia
2004 Richair2030 tour Futursonic & Machinista UK
2004 Annexia, Toulouse FR 
2003 MAF, Tbilisi Georgia
2003 DMZ, Limehouse London
2003 Conquest of Ubiquity Murcia Spain
2003 Territories, Kunstwerke, Berlin DE
2003 REpublic Art, London UK
2002 Art & Economy, Dichtorhallen Hamburg DE
2002 Artspace, Sydney Australia
2002 New York Digital Salon Tenth Anniversary Exhibition, New York US
2001 MEDIENKUNSTPREIS http://medienkunstpreis.de for video, Karlsruhe DE
2001 Adrift at Stubnitz, Rotterdam Harbour NL
2001 WRO 01 Media biennale, Wroclaw Poland
2001 De Balie, Amsterdam NL
2001 Please Disturb, Great Eastern Hotel, London UK
2001 Telematics, San Francisco/Pasadena/Austin US
2001 Cube Cinema, Bristol UK
2001 Bellevue Art Museum, Seattle US
2000 Look and Feel, BroFriedrich Berlin DE
2000 PUSAN International Contemporary Art Festival, South Korea
2000 Cinematexas, Austin US
2000 OVNI Festival, Centre de Cultura Comtempornia de Barcelona
2000 World Wide Vide Festival, Amsterdam NL 
2000 Big M, Inflatable video dome, London & north-east UK
2000 International Film and Video Festival, Rotterdam NL
2000 Almanac, Cable TV Amsterdam NL
2000 Image Forum Festival, Tokyo/ Kyoto / Yokohama Japan
1999 1.Triennial of Photography, Hamburg DE
1999 Guggenheim Downtown, New York US
1999 Lux Gallery, London UK
1999 N5M3, Amsterdam NL
1998 ISEA98, Manchester & Liverpool UK
1998 Dept. of Architecture Columbia University US
1998 DEAF Festival Rotterdam NL
1998 Dromology", New Langton Arts San Francisco US
1998 Kurzfilmtage, Oberhausen DE 
1998 Centre Pour l'image Contemporaine, Geneva Switzerland
1998 Edge Festival Los Angeles US
1997 Documenta X Kassel DE 
1997 Interval Research  Palo Alto US
1997 Museum Moderne Kunst Frankfurt DE
1997 Whitney Biennial New York US
1997 Electromediascope Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art, Kansas City US
1997 Video Positive UK 
1997 New York Video Festival, Lincoln Center, New York US
1997 Tech '90s, New York MoMA US
1997 Blasthaus Gallery San Francisco US
1996 Ansell Adams Center for Photography, San Francisco US 
1996 Other Cinema San Francisco US
1993 "Eat Carpet", SBS Television AU
1993 National Gallery of Victoria AU  
1993 Hub Art Gallery Melbourne AU
1992 Exist Melbourne AU
1992 Tidal Zone Event Melbourne AU

Sporting Achievements

2008 Canoe solo, 8 hour 1 lap Bristol City Harbour to Avonmouth and back

Video Productions

2006 Heath Bunting: Memorial Stone, edited 38 minute documentary
2005 LAX  15 minute video documentary
2001 BIT/Control Space, co-production with Southwest German Television 
2001 BANGBANG, networked camera documentary
1999 BIT Plane, 15 minute video documentary
1996 Suicide Box, 13 minute video documentary

Audio Productions

2004 FYI a CD and audio database for bureau of inverse technology
2004 Richair 2030
2002 Fallout http://www.fallout.org.uk audio byproduct of Mute Magazine

Selected writing

2023  The Thorny Question of Art and Economy, Nancy Mauro-Flude and Kate Rich. In: Palmer, D. and McQuilten, G. eds. The World We Want: Dystopian & Utopian Impulses in Art Making. Bristol: Intellect Books. 
2022  Administraart. In: Mestre, L. ed. In: In These Circumstances. Brussels: apass
2020  Radical Business, Art Guide Australia 
2020  RADMIN Reader 2020, Angela Piccini and Kate Rich (eds) 
2016  The Ecology of Supply, Denmark
2014  Feral trade: taking back markets for people and the planet Katherine Gibson and Kate Rich, Unlikely Journal for Creative Arts.
2013  Disrupting Business: Art & Activism in Times of Financial Crisis, UK
2002  FLASH! SAVIOUR OF THE UNIVERSE! Mute Magazine issue 25
2002  CHALK WAR Mute Magazine issue 25: Street testing War Chalking
2001  CUBE MICROPLEX FAQ http://cubecinema.com/faq Cube Microplex Frequently Asked Questions
1999  MOON TV Mute Magazine issue 14

Sound & Radio employment

1999 CYBERGRRLS, New York US
1996-01 ANTENNA AUDIO, San Francisco / New York / London
1995-8 ZOOMEDIA San Francisco US
1997 STERNBERG & LAWRENCE San Francisco US
1996 EXPLORATORIUM, San Francisco US
1990-4 3RRR FM, Melbourne AU
1989-90 JJJ FM, Melbourne AU                     

Projects History

2002-3 STUDIO32C http://32c.irational.org collaborative studio space for residency & network activity, Bristol UK
2002-3 ANTITERROR LINE http://bureauit.org/antiterror UK/US/LV
2002-3 TOUR DE FENCE http://irational.org/fence social climbing UK/USA/DE
2002 BIT RADIO http://bureauit.org/radio event-triggered radio transmitter, UK/US/AU/NL/Sweden
2001-2004 SUPERMODEM DJ unit, UK
2001-2004 HOSTEXE webcast audio & culinary project unit, UK
2001 TOWERBLOCK TV public wiring experiment London UK
1999-2001 FALLOUT audio byproduct of Mute Magazine UK
2000 LIVESTOCK webcast Stockton-on-Tees UK
2000-2001 SMALL RADIUS CINEMA screening programme Middlesbrough UK
2000 KAROSTA FM radio station, Karosta Latvia.